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Do you believe that wellness begins at home or at the doctor’s office? Someday, wellness coaching will be part of every doctor’s office. Until then…

I believe that with a healthy foundation in self-care at home, along with a circle of other women who support and encourage us, women thrive and their doctoring experiences become complimentary medicine. We all have primary health care skills and we can help one another use them today!

Healers and physicians who practice the art and science of holistic medicine treat the whole person — body, mind, and spirit. For that reason, Your Nourishment Menu includes Healthy Eating, Relaxation, balance at Home and within our Careers, a Social Life we love and Creativity, along with time in Nature. Do you believe that food alone is not the source of nourishment and sustainable health? Do you ever feel that these varied elements of wellness are too complicated to face alone? That’s why you have found the Women at Wellness Community online, my friend.

I am committed to wellness coaching for women…

  • by providing up-to-date health and wellness information online
  • News from the Well…updates from other flourishing women who like to gather in life and online
  • Holistic Health Coaching protocols with a Denver-metro “Ask An Expert!” access pass for this community
  • and a supportive WAWAW* community space we can share in Colorado!

If you would like to take part in this conversation, and I hope that you do, please comment on blog posts and share generously with your friends and family. As a part of my team, know that I will be offering you generous gifts in return. Gifts of time, information, sample products and team member-only opportunities. Do you want to learn more?


We are women at wellness. We think positively about our lives and our bodies. We reach out to our friends in times of need and for fun times, too! We care about work/life balance and we make sure that we take care of ourselves… Every.Single.Day.

Thank you for sharing your flourishing life with me,

Georgianne HollandCoach Georgianne Holland
Certified Holistic Health Coach
Food As Medicine and Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner
Holland Health Coaching
3000 Youngfield, Suite 185
Wheat Ridge, CO 80021


*WAWAW Community: If you are in the Denver-metro area of Colorado, please join the We Are Women At Wellness community through our Meetup GroupWe would love to meet you, learn more about your wellness goals, and lend our thriving support to your lifestyle today.
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Self-Care in times of Stress

Self-care is the new primary care, and during times of great stress, self-care safeguards the foundation of health. Every woman knows that self-care behaviors can easily be ignored when stress triggers things like food cravings, insomnia, shallow breathing, social isolation, and adrenaline rushes. We also know that the best primary-care doctors and nurses cannot keep us healthy […]

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