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Thank you for watching my Health Nutrition video online and welcome to Holland Health Coaching! My name is Georgianne Holland, and I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach.

Holistic Health Coaches guide people who are suffering in their body, mind, or spirit. Coaches help people build better habits, feelings of accomplishment, and earn better numbers from their doctor’s appointments! Many of my clients started out not knowing how to create lasting change or they didn’t truly believe wellness could happen for them.

A health coach takes people through action steps to make better choices. You can learn to use powerful holistic health skills to improve your health. Health nutrition is a growing field and eating for nourishment – as well as enjoyment – is what I teach.

 “What’s the next step for me if I’m interested in your Health Resources?”

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What’s it like to meet with me? Here’s what two past coaching clients had to say:

“I have found Georgianne Holland so wonderful to work with on my journey to wellness. Her kind, compassionate, non-judgmental way of working motivates me to keep moving forward. Her programs are easy to follow, and I find the time we spend together rejuvenating.” — JS, Littleton, CO
“Woot woot!! My cholesterol is at 196, down from 231. Triglycerides at 98, down from 147. LDL at 120, down from 142!” — WC, Westminster, CO

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