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Georgianne Holland is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner, and Food As Medicine Teacher

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Is your passion for wellness drawing you to the support of a compassionate health coach? Would you love expert guidance in facing a chronic illness diagnosis like Prediabetes or High Cholesterol? I am passionate about providing health coaching in many different ways: in a 30-Day Program, within my e-newsletter called Homemade Health, at a Wellness Workshop in Colorado, or on the blog called We Are Women At Wellness. This page will help you find all those resources!

Do you want support and empowerment regarding a slowing Metabolism or Weight Management issues? I am proud to be a health coach — a Healthy Body Educator! I look forward to hearing from you!

Is Health Coaching Your Path to a Better You: Meeting with a Healthy Body Educator

You’d like someone who will listen to your needs and develop a personalized program that focuses on providing your body, mind and soul with “Primary Nourishment.” You’d truly like to understand all the important factors beyond the food you eat. Like me, you want to embrace all that contributes to a fulfilling, balanced, inspiring life.

Like every path, the journey to your healthy body begins with the first step. I invite you to take that step by reserving a FREE Just A Taste strategy session with me today. This conversation could change your life.

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YOUR OPTIONS CALENDAR: 30-Minute Office Appointments, 30-Day Phone Coaching Programs, and 3-Session Group Coaching Programs — What works for you? 

It only takes a minute or two to schedule with me, and as little as a month to adopt a new healthy habit. These programs can give you the kick-start you need to go from “Wouldn’t it be great?” to “Look at me now!”

Call a friend and make a plan to attend a fun and informative Wellness Workshop in the Denver-metro area!

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