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Hungry for the life you want? Tired of waking up in the middle of the night worried about everything, and nothing at all? I believe that life is a banquet, yet I see many women starving. Commit yourself to health and wellness with the personalized support you need to reach your goals, achieve long-term success, and thrive in all areas of your life. Fall asleep tonight knowing that your new life has begun, and it is delicious!

Get started on the path to wellness with a 50-minute, no obligation conversation with me. Includes a review of your health history and goals and a self-action plan for a better you. Click here to schedule a free initial consultation!

Sometimes, busy people want a quick solution without a huge commitment. That's why I have designed a NEW section in my services to include smaller plates of what I call À la carte Items--those important and nourishing self-care actions that can make a joyful difference in your life. These smaller topics include two 30-minute phone conversations, two follow-up emails, and tons of useful information that will make your life easier and less frustrating.

Do you see yourself enjoying these topics?

  • Lose Weight. Focus on the Good.  Work with me to develop a customized weight-loss plan that honors your strengths, sheds the pounds, and keeps them off. Identify good foods you enjoy, fun ways to exercise, and learn how to make other healthy choices in your daily life. Includes personal coaching, recipes and other resources and guidance to support your success. Recommended for women and couples who lack willpower and avoid regular exercise.
  • Romance Your Doctor  Is your doctor the primary source of your wellness information? Build a stronger doctor-patient partnership and start getting the personalized care you deserve. Learn tips for improving your relationship with your health care provider and staff. Go from waiting room wallflower to an empowered patient who gets the attention and information to take charge of your health.
  • Rock Your Age! Feel your best at any age by adopting the healthy habits of truly fabulous women. Explore topics like healthcare, hormones, life-giving nutrition and age-enhancing exercise. Instead of focusing on what no longer feels great, you will learn to flourish today! Learn practical ways to build the fit and healthy body that will promote your longevity, vitality and embodied peace. Designed for baby-boomer women.
  • Empowered Eating. Learn the secrets of empowered eating, understand craving triggers, and discover how real food can leave your body mentally and physically satisfied. Eliminate mindless, junky calorie-bomb foods from your diet and improve nutrition for your entire family. Drop pounds, boost energy and rediscover a joy for meal preparation. I have secrets to share and support to offer in this popular 30-day program!
  • Reach Your Goals. Do past goal-setting efforts make you feel bad about yourself? Become a goal-reaching superstar and start achieving results instead of simply setting intentions. Tailor your goals for the life you want, and learn how to take action toward reaching your goals in a way that fits your personality and supports the priorities in your life.


A new you is waiting! Let's start a conversation today about the top three things you can do to revitalize your energy and start feeling good again every time you open your fridge and your clothes closet. I look forward to hearing from you. Let's get started!