When was the last time you talked with someone about your health and received the personal attention you deserve? 

It’s rare for anyone to get the undivided attention of a trained professional on the topic of improved nutrition and life goals. As a Health Coach, I create a supportive environment that will empower you to achieve your goals and improve your wellness. My clients are often Moms with kids at home (the Full Nesters) as well as women 45-years+ who are devoting new energies into their own Best Self (the Empty Nesters). And I truly love working with people of all ages, whether or not their parenting status is top-of-mind. For me, personal attention to my individual clients is my first priority.

Could one conversation change your life? Click here to schedule by phone or in person, a free initial consultation! I will respond with simple first steps to help you reach your most important goal this week. [These "Just A Taste" appointments fill up fast, so please secure your spot today.]

Sometimes, busy people want a quick solution without a huge commitment. That's why I have designed a NEW section in my services to include smaller plates of what I call À la carte Items--those important and nourishing self-care actions that can make a joyful difference in your life. These smaller topics include two 30-minute phone conversations, two follow-up emails, and tons of useful information that will make your life easier and less frustrating.

Do you see yourself enjoying these topics?

  • Lose Weight by Focusing on the Good  Losing weight and keeping it off is the number one concern of a majority of my clients. Let's work together to simplify a strategy that honors your strengths and gets the job done! Perfect for women who don't love exercise and profess to have no willpower.
  • Romance Your Doctor  Do you feel empowered by your doctor? Is he or she your primary source of health care information? Learn the secrets to getting Hollywood Star treatment at your next doctor's appointment, along with all the health-promoting service you need.
  • Rock Your Age! Designed for baby-boomer women who seek longevity, vitality and an embodied peace. And we're not just talking about fitting into a swim suit here. We're talking about a healthy and fit body along with a life that matches it...all designed to carry you the distance.
  • Empowered Eating. How to unplug yourself, your significant other, or your child from junk food. Learn the craving triggers and gentle tools needed to improve nutrition for your whole family.
  • Home Economics 201. Making sense of food labels, grocery buying options, and all things media. Learn how to teach your kids to cook and pack healthy school lunches, too. Life skills never tasted so good!


A new you is waiting! Let's start a conversation today about the top three things you can do to revitalize your energy and start feeling good again every time you open your fridge and your clothes closet. I look forward to hearing from you. Let's get started!