Can you relate to this situation?

Many women are worried about their own health or lifestyle, but they are TRULY concerned about one or more of their loved one’s well-being. And what’s worse is that most women know what their dream life would look like, but they are simply preoccupied with the day-to-day schedule of others, or their career responsibilities, or the care of their aging parents; too busy to make their own dream happen. The truth is, many women who care so much are dead last on their own priority list.

That’s where I come in. My name is Georgianne Holland, and I’m a certified holistic health coach. I work with women who care a lot. They care so much, in fact, that they’ve run out of time to take care of themselves. I can help you find your path to wellness by prioritizing yourself and embracing the changes you choose. When you finish working with me, your health and wellness will have blossomed, and my clients find that time and again, the health of everyone they care about is also improved!

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • My passion is to be a supportive guide to women on both sides of the teeter-totter: some are in complete overwhelm and others are looking for ways to fine-tune their next 6 months. Both kinds of women are looking to craft a balanced, purposeful life filled with more happy, healthy days.
  • Healthy diets and wellness information is available everywhere, and many of you have given these plans an heroic effort. The problem is, your follow-through skills are now shot and most days, you just feel defeated. Have you ever daydreamed about professional coaching to help you move from “wish I could” to reality?
  • Are you feeling irritated about your energy level, body shape and the chaos at home? This situation is not motivating, yet you keep striving and that striving is actually adding stress to your life. There is a better way.

I get it. I am a wellness coach who specializes in compassionate conversations that guide you in transformation. I would love to talk to you today!

My Claim to Fame

I am living proof that a chaotic life can be turned around (and healed) and that it is truly possible to feel better at 55 than you ever did at 35! How did I do this? I learned how to harness Extreme Self-Care and Compassion, and I transformed my life from “I guess I’m doing alright” to “Look at me now!”

When you work with me, you are welcomed into my Gourmet Coaching Program. Imagine how your life would feel when you are empowered to enjoy your organized and healthy home, eat quality whole foods, add rejuvenation and relaxation into your weekly schedule, and enjoy a fulfilling social circle. Does that sound impossible, or does it sound like a dream come true?

Please trust me when I tell you that NONE OF THIS is about seeking perfection or living some sort of fantasy life. Each private coaching client in my practice is a unique person; a person who has experienced both drama and perhaps a little trauma, yet she is mostly a woman of goodwill who has the will to do good in her daily life! She may feel a bit burned out because she has added a tremendous amount of meaning and loving kindness to the lives of others, and now, in her strong desire to grow and thrive, she has turned to me to feel empowered to enjoy the entirety of the rest of HER LIFE!

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During this private coaching program you will be guided in four specific ways:

  • How to build a foundation of health and wellness knowledge that is scientifically sound and designed specifically for you, without any trendy fads or fictions
  • How to create new habits without the unsustainability of will power and deprivation
  • How to use step-by-step tools and resources to enhance your career, relationships, finances, home environment and spirituality
  • How to nurture yourself back on track when life throws you a curve ball, because life sometimes pitches hard

You deserve to wake up every day inspired, motivated, and graciously moving forward into your midlife and beyond, knowing that your dreams are still valuable and within your reach. I have a free gift for you to invigorate your next step!

Get my FREE Gift: Georgianne’s 7-Minute Transformation TOOL KIT and turn your caring ways into magical, empowering Self-Care and Compassion today!

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