Maybe you know what to do to feel and look healthy, but you rarely do it. Discover how one conversation can change your life.

Hungry for the life you want? If life is a banquet, why are so many women denying themselves nourishment? Did you realize that when one woman improves her health, the health of countless others also improves? It’s true. Commit yourself to your health and wellness with the personalized support you need to reach your goals, achieve long-term success, and thrive in all areas of your life.

My name is Georgianne Holland. I’m a certified holistic health coach, and I can help you find your path to wellness.

  • I am a supportive guide who works with women on both sides of the teeter-totter: some are in complete overwhelm and others are looking for ways to fine-tune their next 6 months. Both kinds of women are looking to craft a balanced, purposeful life filled with more happy, healthy days.
  • Healthy diets and wellness information is available everywhere, and we’ve all given many of these plans an heroic effort. The problem is, your follow-through skills are now shot and many days, you don’t even care anymore. Did you ever think that the diet plans could be flawed, instead of you being flawed?
  • Are you feeling irritated about your energy level, body shape and the chaos at home? This situation is not motivating, yet you keep striving and dreaming for better. I get it. I am a wellness coach who specializes in compassionate conversations that guide you in transformation. I would love to talk to you today!

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