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health coachWomen 45+ have a passion for wellness and balanced living, and know that primary health care alone is rarely enough. Savvy women today are looking for professional wellness coach support to develop personalized programs for self-care at home — especially if they are in chronic pain and feel like they’ve already tried so hard to create change. These women are ready to reach for a new level of success. Are you being drawn to a wellness coach and the support of a compassionate teacher?

Georgianne Holland is an expert guide to those facing a chronic illness diagnosis like Prediabetes or High Cholesterol. A wellness coach is not a doctor, and that’s important because coaches far exceed the nutrition, goal-achievement, and health-habits expertise that doctors have time to give.

Coach Georgianne will help you make the most out of your next doctor’s appointment, knowing what questions to ask, which tests to ask for, and how all your options are gracefully put into practice at home. Do you believe you have the power to create health at home and in the larger community? I do!

Do you believe that wellness care in America is shifting and the Sad American Diet can no longer be ignored? I do! And at Holland Health Coaching, the alternatives are friendly, science-based, and made easy for women like us to use. Welcome!


Self care is our primary care and wellness begins at home!

Do you want support and empowerment for Chronic Pain, a Slowing Metabolism or Weight Management issues? I am proud to be a health coach — a Healthy Body Educator! I look forward to hearing from you! Longevity and Everyday Wellness = a curious Woman Seeking Wellness + a Compassionate Self-Care Practice at Home. 

Georgianne Holland, Health + Wellness Coach provides sustainable, expert support ~

As a health coach, I honor your personal path. 

  • You’d like someone who will listen to your needs and develop a personalized program that focuses on providing your body, mind and soul with “Primary Nourishment.” You’d truly like to understand all the important factors beyond the food you eat. Like me, you want to embrace all that contributes to a fulfilling, balanced, inspiring life.
  • It is great to have an objective, non-judgmental guide for those times when coping seems impossible using healthy habits.

Like every path, the journey to your healthy body begins with the first step. I invite you to take that step by reserving a FREE Just A Taste strategy session with me today. This conversation could change your life.

Let’s Talk: Reserve your FREE Just a Taste Consultation


Women seeking wellness are always welcome to my online home — a busy, colorful, friendly place.

I have a feeling you care a lot about all the people in your life, and adding personal wellness habits into the average day doesn’t always happen.

That’s where I come in. My name is Georgianne Holland, and I’m a certified holistic health coach who specializes in helping women seeking wellness. I have created this website to help us connect, and I’m always hoping to connect with women who care a lot. They care so much, in fact, that they’ve run out of time to take care of themselves.

I can help you find your path to wellness by prioritizing yourself and embracing the changes you choose. During our time together, your health and wellness will have blossomed, and my clients find that time and again, the health of everyone they care about is also improved!

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • My passion is to guide to women on both sides of the teeter-totter: some are in complete overwhelm and others are looking for ways to fine-tune their next 6 months. Both kinds of women are looking to craft a balanced, purposeful life filled with more happy, healthy days.
  • Healthy diets and wellness information is available everywhere, and many of you have given these plans a heroic effort. The problem is, your follow-through skills are now shot and most days, you just feel defeated. Have you ever daydreamed about professional coaching to help you move from “wish I could” to a thriving reality?
  • Are you feeling irritated about your energy level, body shape and the chaos at home? This situation is not motivating, yet you keep striving and that striving is actually adding stress to your life. There is a better way.

I get it. I am a wellness coach who specializes in compassionate conversations that guide you in transformation. I would love to talk to you today!




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